Networks tele-diagnostic and inspection
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Networks tele-diagnostic and inspection
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CCTV inspection is the most accurate diagnostic tool to determine the condition of pipelines and, based on the obtained diagnostic, to suggest a particular method of recovery, as well as to produce diagnostic quality control of works on reconstruction and repair of engineering networks.

CCTV inspection can achieve significant cost savings thanks to the exclusion from the scheduled repair of the functional sections of the pipeline.

Advantages of tele-diagnostic:

  • to determine the location of the filled and paved wells;
  • to detect even small cracks and leaks;
  • to detect blockages or foreign objects;
  • to determine the deformation of the pipes, leakage, divergence and displacement of the joints;
  • to determine the gas corrosion degree effect on the design and construction of channels and reservoirs;
  • to identify gaps and biases;
  • to control the quality of newly built and refurbished networking;
  • to build a network profile, to measure the slopes;
  • to conduct inspection of pipelines with diameter from 50 up to 3000mm with the length of the inspected area up to 500 m;
  • to review the internal space with the possibility of rotation of the camera head.