The hydrodynamic flushing of pipelines
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The hydrodynamic flushing of pipelines
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It is well known that sewage, sludge oil and oil products or water, containing fat products such as plant and animal characteristics, represent a serious issue in terms of quality and uninterrupted operation of pipelines, tanks of various engineering networks. Availability of the substances mentioned above in networks leads at least to the emergence of two dangerous situations for networks, specifically:

  • the constant accumulation of waste water and sludge leads to the formation of an aggressive environment in networks, contributing to the rapid generation of corrosion of the pipe tank with subsequent output of this network fragment of failure;
  • the existence in sewage sludge of oil, oil products, fat products leads to the rapid emergence of blockages in the pipelines with a corresponding loss of throughput (up to its complete disappearance).

KMG Linertec has the necessary technology, equipment and highly qualified specialists, allowing on time to pump out and transport wastewater including sludge and fat products. That affords to maintain engineering networks and communication in a constant working state, while avoiding blockages and unwanted corrosion.

KMG LinerTec offers the services for the following positions:

  • evacuation and transportation for disposal of wastewater containing sludge of oil and oil products;
  • evacuation and transportation of waste grease traps containing fat products from both the animal and vegetable origin;
  • evacuation and transportation of waste and precipitation when flushing sewage networks and water treatment;
  • evacuation and transportation of waste and precipitation cesspits, liquid waste businesses and household effluents.


Hydrodynamic washing and cleaning networking


We offer to enterprises and individuals the following services:

  • cleaning of sewer system from any sediment with a diameter from 80 mm to 1500 mm;
  • elimination of all kinds of blockages (silt, gravel, concrete, mortar, fat and others.);
  • cleaning the water pipes;
  • cleaning storm sewer system and storm drain inlets;
  • cleaning of treatment facilities;
  • cleaning the car wash;
  • cleaning of sewer manholes, the water chambers;
  • cleaning SPS;
  • cleaning cesspools;
  • tank cleaning from oil products;
  • cleaning of grease traps;
  • removal and disposal of the pumped sediments;
  • inspection of a technical condition and the possibility of restoring the pipeline;
  • preparation for the rehabilitation, renovation, CCTV inspection;
  • subscription service.

Hydrodynamic flushing is used for emergency and preventive treatment of pipelines as well as for the final cleaning before their sanitation. With help of high-pressure water pumps, water is supplied on high-pressure sleeves to the nozzle that forms the types of high-pressure jets, which break up and carry away sediments from the pipe. The nozzle is selected by type of work performed (cleaning, removal of contamination) and the diameter of the pipe.

For qualitative performance of these works, our company has a hi-tech, combined, hydrodynamic machine of the German company "KROLL" on the basis of " MAN", as well as a team of specialists with a significant experience, all of them having been successfully trained and received the relevant certificates.

The KROLL machine combines the functions of a sludge pump vehicle and sewer flushers. The volumes of the chambers for water and sludge are changing with the movement of the piston inside the tank. Its total volume is 14 cubic meters:

  • water, from 2 to 13 cubic meters
  • sludge, from 3 to 12 cubic meters.

The sewer cleaning machine KROLL, mounted on the base of the "MAN" truck